Thursday, 6 November 2014

410 Chelsea Street or... Are you into comic books?

Dougie White (MSG/Rainbow) has delivered recently a very inpressive job in the 70´s style tune "410 Chelsea Street", a song based in one of the most famous Marvel Comics characters. Do you know who used to live in that address in the 70´s? A clue, just a clue: The statue of and indian was in the bedroom, near the window, watching in silence...

Zak Stevens will be the host in the new Stardust Reverie Project album "Proclamation of Shadows"

Zak Stevens, one of the most impressive rock singers in the Heavy Metal biz, will play the part of the HOST in the new Stardust Reverie Project album "Proclamation of Shadows". "Welcome to the Show" has nothing to do with Savatage but will bring sweet memories to the fans of the Oliva brothers´band. For Victor Banner, this is a wonderful chance to pày tribute to one of his favorite bands from his days of youth and counting with Zak Stevens on his side, the result can´t be better.

Adding the final touches to what is going to be the most expensive Heavy Metal album ever made in Spain

Victor Banner and Eduardo Martinez (Witchtower) are currently working in the final sessions of the "Proclamation of Shadows" album. The next step will be passing all the stuff to Jonas Hansson (Silver Mountain) who will add the final touch to the product. For Victor this has been his most pleasant adventure to date and he is highly proud of his achievements as composer and producer.

Zuberoa Aznarez shares with you All the Secrets of the Dark

Wonderful mezzosoprano Zuberoa Aznarez from the band Diabulus in Musica has recently recorded a couple of tunes for the new Stardust Reverie Project "Proclamation of Shadows" along with several flute parts for your enjoyment. A blessing for the band. EXCELSIOR!

Marc Pattison´s Silver Bullet

CircleIICircle new axeman, Marc Pattison, will leave you speechless with his brilliant technic in the Lone Ranger´s homage "Silver Bullet", a tune sung by the one and only Lynn Meredith (ProtoKaw). A very special song for a very special album.

Bill Hudson imagines Confucius

Brazilian superb guitar player Bill Hudson (Jon Oliva´s Pain) delivered recently one of the longest solos in his career that will become an unforgetable part of the new Stardust Reverie album "Proclamation of Shadows", He will share solos with Victor de la Chica (Witchtower) and Jonas Hansson (Silver Mountain) in the extraordinary song Imagining Confucius where Graham Bonnet shows that he is still one of the best rock singers in the world.

Randy Crowley brings some magic to the studio

Excellent axeman Randy Crowley will play a couple of solos in the new album. He came to the studio and we had a lot of fun and the chance to improve several tunes together.
Thank you Randy!