Thursday, 12 March 2015

About Blackmore´s Night and Stardust Reverie

Burrn! Magazine includes this month an exclusive interview with Graham Bonnet and Victor Banner. 
Much has been talked about the relationship between Blackmore´s Night and Stardust Reverie (not to mention Rainbow and SR). Well, Burrn! focused that interview precisely on that.
Attached here are a few photos from a 1997 Blackmore´s Night show featuring Victor Banner on vocals. 
That was the first Blackmore´s Night tour presenting their first album "Shadow of the Moon". Candice Night felt sick so the gig was cancelled.  Anyway, for an unknow reason, Blackmore´s Night performed a private show that night and Victor was picked by Ritchie to join them on vocals.

Ritchie was happy and gentle and even dated a few guys from the audience to play soccer the next day!!!

"Universal Horrors" official video

Lynn Meredith´s Silver Bullet

Lynn Meredith has recently finished recording his new collaboration with Stardust Reverie.
"Silver Bullet" features the talents of Marc Pattison on lead guitars and Lynn´s wonderful voice. Marc and Lynn have done an astonishing work for the new album "Proclamation of Shadows".

Thank you both!

Lynn Meredith from Proto-Kaw

Marc Pattison from CircleIICircle

Stardust Reverie enters the BMG Rights Administration catalogue

BMG Rights Management is the youngest major international company in the music industry.
BMG opened for business in October 2008 as a subsidiary of one of Europe’s biggest media companies, Bertelsmann.
Bertelsmann has been associated with music for more than 50 years, ever since the foundation of the Ariola label in 1959. After several acquisitions - including Arista (1979) and RCA (1986) - Bertelsmann consolidated its music interests under the BMG – Bertelsmann Music Group – name to become one of the top five music industry players in the world.