Thursday, 3 October 2013

It all started with a musical play that I wrote for my wife named “Catina”. By that time it was imposible for me to take it to the stages so I forgot all that tunes and left them sleeping in the lap of the Gods waiting for the day that I would have the chance of turning them into a REALITY. 13 years later that chance appeared before me in the form of a book by Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer… life is like that!!! “Letters from my cell” was a blessing for my eyes and a beautiful experience for a bookeater like me. A melody started to take form in the windmills of my mind and “Conqueror of Both” came to life. That song sounded in my ears on and on, and the voice of my all time favorite singer, Graham Bonnet, was singing it. I contacted Graham just to see if he would like to take a chance on my song. He agreed to take a listen and then I quickly recorded the most terrible demo of a tune ever made. I excused myself for being so campy but, sadly, I had no band to play with me so I had to play all the instruments and… SING!!! surprisingly, Graham was pleased with my song and he accepted to do that session for me. Two months later, “Conqueror of Both” sounded better than ever in the terrific voice of Mr. Bonnet. Sixteen years before I had the chance to sing with Ritchie Blackmore while he was touring Spain with the first Blackmore´s Night album and I will never forget the feeling of standing beside my all time guitar hero singing his music. Weird things happens when you believe in yourself!!!! so I decided to take that old tunes that I had, brought them back from the lap of the Gods when they were sleeping and I started to contact all my heroes from childhood: actors, comic books artists and musicians in order to create the most wonderful rock album ever written. Most of my heroes replied and that was something!!! Many of them said “sorry man, I am retired”, others said “I wish you luck Victor but I don´t like your songs, sorry!!” and the rest said “OK, let´s do it man!! I love your stuff!!!” And this is how Stardust Reverie took flight!!! There is nothing more!!! No sex and no drugs!!!! Sorry!!! Victor Banner, july 2013

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