Thursday, 12 March 2015

About Blackmore´s Night and Stardust Reverie

Burrn! Magazine includes this month an exclusive interview with Graham Bonnet and Victor Banner. 
Much has been talked about the relationship between Blackmore´s Night and Stardust Reverie (not to mention Rainbow and SR). Well, Burrn! focused that interview precisely on that.
Attached here are a few photos from a 1997 Blackmore´s Night show featuring Victor Banner on vocals. 
That was the first Blackmore´s Night tour presenting their first album "Shadow of the Moon". Candice Night felt sick so the gig was cancelled.  Anyway, for an unknow reason, Blackmore´s Night performed a private show that night and Victor was picked by Ritchie to join them on vocals.

Ritchie was happy and gentle and even dated a few guys from the audience to play soccer the next day!!!

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