Wednesday, 5 August 2015

The Annotated Universal Horrors

The request that we receive most is about the meaning of the tune Universal Horrors.
Victor took the time today to throw some light on the subject:

Note: The following lyrics are the original ones, a few changes had to be made in order to make the tune sound more CATCHY.

                                          UNIVERSAL HORRORS

(Universal Movie logo 1930´s)

A whole bunch of ancient shadows made it to the screen
In a time where silent movies were a HIT

A hunchback of crowned head (The Hunchback of Notre Dame - 1923)

 and Erik were the advance  (Erik, The Phantom of the Opera - 1925)

of the folks with the longest fangs  (Dracula - 1931)


Run to the castle and enjoy the universal horrors

Bela was so dark                  (Bela Lugosi)

 but Boris was so sweet!!!   (Boris Karloff)

Hold to your torches and meet the universal horrors
Enjoy the swirling mist, 

white zombies and the creeps   (White Zombie - 1932)

Watch where you step there is a man struggling in the basement
A spider wants him dead
He is shrinking fast my dear

(The Incredible Shrinking Man - 1957)

British invasión tried in vain to bring new terrors
Great supporting cast but Hammer did not last

(Hammer Horrors)

It gives me the creeps just to think of the universal horrors
Princess of the dawn...

...and monsters from the deep!!! (Creature from the Black Lagoon - 1954)

Lee was good at it but Lugosi was immortal (Christopher Lee, Dracula in the series of the Hammer Horror films)

Son of Frankenstein, the stories were the same (Son of Frankenstein - 1939)

(Lon Chaney Jr. was Larry Talbot in The Wolf Man - 1941)

I still  remember well when Larry Talbot was Lon Chaney,  Brilliant make- up job!!! A man turned into a Wolf!!!

Monster magazines,

                              pin up girls (Evelyn Ankers) and...

                                            ...double sessions  
rising from the grave,..

...Ananka is on the way        (The Mummy´s Ghost - 1944)

Thanks for making this song an Universal Hit!!!!


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